Winter War Manuevers V

Hosted by the Canton of Pferdestadt | Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

Join us for a day of Armored Combat

Basic Site Information

This is a DRY site.

Site Location: 220 East Fairground Street St., Marion, OH, 43302

Site Fee: Members: $10 / Non-Members: $15 / Family Cap: $30 for Members, $45 for Non-Members

Feast of Italian Pies: $5 per person. Unlimited Seats.

Gate opens at 9am, and the site closes at 9pm.

There will be a lunch tavern available on site.


9:00 am List Table opens
9:30 Authorizations: List open for pickups
10:00 Novice Tournament
10:30 Ladder of Reknown
11:00 Dane Axe Tournament
          Mace and Buckler Holmgang
12:30 Longsword
          Spear and Shield
1:00 Single Elimination
1:30 Three Man Team Tournament
2:30 Warlord Tournament
3:30 Armadura
4:30 List field Closes for Court
5:00 Court
After Court: Her Majesty's Spear Tournement and a Special Tournement


Novice Tournament:

Format dependent on number of entrants. A Novice has been authorized under 2 years, has never won a tournament, and has no kingdom level fighting awards.

Three Fighter Team Tournament:

Double Elimination: Each team will be made up of three fighters with no more than one member of the Chivalry per team.

Ladder of Reknown: sponsored by HE Sir Marcus Draconarius

This will be a tournament in three Atlantian Speed Rounds: The first round is limited to fighters with no kingdom level fighting awards. The winner of that round will win entry to the second round. The second round is limited to members of the Red Co and/or Gold Mace (or out of kingdom equivalents). The winner of that round will win entry to the third round. The third round will be limited to members of the Chivalry/Royal Peers by their own hand. The finals will be best of three.

Longsword Tournament: sponsored by HE Sir Gebhard Rauten

Double Elimination Tournament using two handed/long sword only.

Mace and Buckler Holmgang: sponsored by Sir Machonna

Bring a mace and buckler (no bigger than 18” around) and fight It out in holmgang fashion.

Dane Axe Tournament: sponsored by HE Sir Diglach

Single Elimination, two handed axes only, no thrusting. Limited to 16 entrants.

Warlord Tournament: Sponsored by HG Sir Edmund

Spear and Shield Tournament: sponsored by HG Sir Talymar

Double Elimination Tournament: combatants will be limited to using center grip round/oval shields and single handed spear. Extra equipment will be available to borrow.

Single Elimination Tournament: sponsored by HRH Alric

Bring your best, single elimination

Armatura: sponsored by HRM Cellach

Bear Pit Tournament, 3 person, random team melee, limited field. The winners will be the individual with the most points at the end of the time.


Begining Macreme has been canceled due to illness.
Due to unforseen circumstances, "The Amazing Princess Olga" has also been canceled.

Event Staff

Event Coordinator: Ula'an Checheg Beki (Rose Kraftick)

Marshall in Charge: Duke Edmund of Hertford (Donald Strubler)

Pre-Registration: Lady Idon of Sheffeld (Yvonne Strassman)
Please make checks out to "SCA, Inc - Canton of Pferdestadt"
Preregistration (checks only) may be sent to:
Yvonne Strassmann
227 Rockmill St
Delaware, OH 43015

A&S Coordinator: Lady Beatrix De Lugano (Leslie Collins)

Lunch Tavern: Lady Acelin of the Wilds (Lynn Poreman)

Royalty Liason: HRM Cellach MacChormach (Jesse Weber)