Pferdestadt Rapier Classic IV: The Re-Awakening? Renaissance after the Plague?

Saturday, September 11th 9am - 9pm


Steve Young Memorial Lodge

5327 Harding Hwy E

Caledonia, OH 43314


9am Site Opens
9:30 List field, On field Rapier classes begin
10:00 archery range, and thrown weapons range open
11:30 – 1:30 Lunch Counter open
12:00 Rapier Novice Tourney (format TBD based on # of participants)
12:00 Cut and Thrust Tourney ( Pool tournament )
1:30 Rapier Points Tourney
4:00 List closed



Thrown Weapons

10am Range open:
All day open range / tournament
12-1pm range closed for lunch
4pm range closed

Archery (times approximate based on participation)

Range opens 10am: open shooting
11am Novice Tournament (no kingdom archery awards, never won an archery
12-1pm range closed for lunch
1pm Royal Rounds
2pm Friend/Foe shoot
3pm Clout Shoot
4pm range closed

Rapier Classes

9:30am Warm up with Maestra Mirabai : learn some fencer useful stretches and yoga to help
start your fencing day on the right foot.

10am – 12pm Individual/Duo Training Session with Master Terrance ( sign up at the list as
Single or Duo for a 30 minute personal coaching session

10am Examining the Lunge in Italian Rapier with Warder Raphael

Marshal Training and the Updated Rules with Master Darius, KRM

The True Arte of the Stringere with Master Logos

11am Intro to Bolognese Longsword with Warder Raphael

Attacking the open line with Maestra Anna

Entering measure safely with Lord Morganus

11:30am Attacking the outside line with Master Colin

Adding cuts to your rapier game with Lord Morganus


Site Fees:

 (Pre-registration required)


Adult Non-member: $15

Adult Member: $10

Under 18: $0 (free)

Lunch Counter : We will have pre-boxed lunches available for $5. It can be included in your pre-payment.

Boxed Lunch Menu:

P&J on white
Roast beef & Provolone on wheat
Ham & cheddar on white
Turkey & provolone on wheat
Chicken & cheddar on white
Fruit cups: Apple Sauce, Peaches Pears, Mixed fruit
Assorted Chips
Drinks: Water, Sprite Coke, Diet Coke
Cookies: Peanut butter, Chocolate chip


Click here to pre-register!


Pre-registration closes on Thursday, September 9th at 6:00pm ET

 If you show up to the event without pre-registering, you will be denied entry. I have no choice, so please do not put me or my staff in that situation. There are literally NO EXCEPTIONS or circumstances in which I can afford you special dispensation. So, please pre-register. 

1. If something happens on the day of the event and you are unable to attend due to exigent or emergency circumstances, you can request a refund in writing AFTER the event, by contacting our Exchequer and Head of Gate Chrysanthème des Prés at

2. Pre-registration ends Thursday, September 9th at 6:00pm ET

3. Please note all refunds (whether requested before or after) will be issued AFTER the event.

To pre-register, please visit this link or click the button below:

Day of At Gate:

Since everyone is required to be preregistered, we will not have the ability to take money on site. Instead, we will be doing a drive thru gate (troll) where we will simply check your modern ID against our list of registered guests.

If you are an adult non-member, you are also required to sign a consent to participate waiver.In order to expedite your check in please follow the link below to print and sign an adult consent to participate waiver prior to the event then bring it with you and give it to your gate deputy upon request.

If minors will be attending you can also have all minor waivers printed, filled out, signed and ready to hand to your gate deputy.…/document…/waiver_minor_family/

If waivers and ids are not readily available upon arrival, vehicles will be asked to pull aside while the waivers are being filled out. Once everything is complete and ids are checked in the vehicle will be allowed to proceed directly to unload and/or parking.

As a reminder to all: if anyone in the vehicle is not preregistered, the vehicle will be shunted out through the nearest exit. Please do not make us turn you away.

Event Steward: Edmund of Hertford (Don Strubler)  (740)513-6709

Although the SCA complies with all applicable las to try to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.