Winter War Maneuvers X

Saturday, March 2nd, 2024


Gate Fees:

Adult Registration: $15
Adult Registration w/ Member discount: $10

Youth 17 and Under: Free

Feast of Italian Pies: $5

Lunch Tavern: $5 Suggested



Schedule of Events:

Winter War Maneuvers Schedule


9:00 gate opens

9:30 List table opens

10:00 Inspections and authorizations

10:30 Up and Comer tournament

11:00 6 ft spear tournament

11:30 Sword and dagger tournament

12:00 Mace and buckler holmgang tournament

12:45 Their Excellencies Middle Marches formal tournament

2:00 Middle Marches Baronial Championship Tournament

2:45 3-person team tournament

3:30 Warlord Tournament

5:00 or at Their Majesties leisure:  Royal Court

Feast of Italian pies following court


Tournament Descriptions:


Up and Comers Tournament:  Open to any fighter that does not have a Kingdom Fighting award and has not won a tournament.  Format TBD depending on number of entrants


Six foot spear tournament:  Only six foot spears (no back up weapons). Format: double elimination Atlantian 


Speed Style.  Sponsored by Duchess Vukasin.


Sword and dagger tournament:  Fighter will use a sword and dagger (no more than 24”)  Format: Double Elimination Speed style.  Sponsored by Duchess Kateryn


Mace and Buckler Holmgang:  Single handed mace and buckler (up to 18”) to be fought Holmgan style in a limited list field.  Double Elimination. Sponsored by Sir Machonna.


Their Excellencies Middle Marches Formal Tournament:  This will be a Single Elimination Tournament, all weapons forms are the choice of the combatant.  Combatants are requested  to bring a herald to announce them for this tournament and to bear a favor of their inspiration for the tournament


Middle Marches Baronial Championship:  TBD  Open to residents of the Barony of the Middle Marches

3-person team tournament: Double elimination tournament consisting of teams of three fighters, only one member of the Order of Chivalry per team.  Sponsored by Duke Cellach

Warlord Tournament:  Everyone fights every round!  Single elimination tournament where the loser of each bout joins the team of the victor until there are two teams.  Finals will be best two out of three.  Sponsored by Duke Edmun

Event Staff: 

Event Steward: Duke Edmund of Hertford (mka Don Strubler) [email protected]

Marshall In Charge: Sergeant Albrecht Von Strassbourg (mka Geoff Strubler) [email protected]

Gate: Lord Andreas Renardi (mka Andrew Craig) [email protected]

Lunch Tavern: Acelin the Wild (mka Lynn Swanson) [email protected]

Royalty Liaison: Chrysantheme des Pres (mka Crys Meadows Craig) [email protected]